This Tesla Model S Cabriolet render is an outdoor automotive masterpiece


Digital artist Rostislav Prokop’s new What If render shows you can enjoy the grand tour experience while avoiding the gas station.

You’re here are back in the news after confirming they will be moving away from ultrasonic sensors, and sales numbers have been steadily falling over the past two years due to costs and increasingly competitive competition. However, Tesla is one of the most successful electric vehicle brands of all time and has helped set precedents for technology, electric range and speed.

The Model S’s design may be a weak point for the flagship sedan, as is the rest of the range, but luckily Instagram’s digital craftsman Rostislav Prokop is putting an interesting spin on the ‘S’ by transforming it in a grand touring cabriolet model. S

We’re looking at the sleek digital design to see what’s up.

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The Custom Tesla Model S Convertible Is Seriously Awesome

This render video has already been dropped on Instagram and HotCars was able to cover the custom Model S in depth exclusively. As a base, the renderer uses a red Model S and most of the bodywork and design will manage to survive its evolution from sedan to convertible.

However, the four-door format is replaced by two longer doors that end elegantly at the rear wheel arches and rear quarters. Up top, the transition to the convertible is dramatic, reflected in a long sweeping line from the A-pillar to the rear and a long chrome strip.

The resulting shape now resembles an Audi A5 convertible and that’s no bad thing – the standard Tesla Model S rear now features a smaller trunk in place of the hatchback door.

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Trade in the Tesla Model S for a convertible

Inside Rostislav Prokop’s custom Model S convertible, other changes make it an attractive proposition, starting with the beige leather trim.

That maroon trim also features on top of the dash and protrudes from the edge, with Tesla’s landscape-oriented infotainment screen below. Tesla’s controversial steering yoke isn’t present here either, resulting in a gorgeous sunroof that prioritises sleek design over outright innovation.

As we report in the original exclusive article: “For 2022, the base dual-motor Model S has 670 hp, takes 3.1 seconds to hit 60 mph and promises a range of around 375 miles. The Plaid, meanwhile, adds another electric motor, for a total output of 1,020hp and a promised top speed of 200mph.”

This kind of performance and electrical economy combined with this kind of design could prove to be the secret to Tesla’s continued success.


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