Rs 100 crore city park to de-stress students at Kota training center


The government of Rajasthan is building a world class urban park worth Rs 100 crore in the heart of the Kota city training center to keep students de-stressed and promote eco-tourism. The city is ready to acquire this new “state of the art” park in the new year.

Kota is known to attract over 1.75 lakh of students from across the country for coaching medical and engineering entrance exams, including IIT-JEE and NEET, but the city lacked adequate leisure time for the student population. As stress among students has remained a cause of concern in Kota in the past, the government of Rajasthan is currently developing a world class urban park with an investment of Rs 100 Crores to keep students de-stressed.

The park is built on over 71 acres of land in the Indian government’s gated public sector business unit called Instrumentation Limited, which was closed a few years ago.

On the lines of Retro Park in Madrid and City Park in New York, the government of Rajasthan is building “City Park Kota” through its local organization called Urban Improvement Trust (UIT) Kota.

Development work on the city park began over a year ago and is now nearing completion. Rajasthan Government Minister of Urban Development and Housing Shanti Kumar Dhariwal, also from Kota, said that “with 74% green cover and 50,000 trees and plants, the municipal park will have fun structures. for students, including leisure trails, an art gallery. , Egg-shaped aviary with birds of alien species, amphitheater, Art hill, botanical garden, Kinetic rotating tower, Star Plaza fountain, Disc fountains, Ceiling area, open gymnasiums, musical fountain, Jogging track, Volcanic structure, Science garden, Canals for boats, Duck pond, Wi-Fi cyber zone and shrub garden.

Almost 16% of the area of ​​the park will include water bodies, including ponds and canals, while only 12% of the area will have permanent concrete structures that will also be environmentally friendly, such as equipment for students, the elderly and tourists. The Wi-Fi cafes, the inverted pyramid, the food arena, the children’s play area will attract students and tourists, the “Knowledge is freedom” statue and the “Statues of scientists” will also motivate students. students, Dhariwal said.

City Park Kota will increase the environmental quotient of the training facility and keep the temperature under control in nearly 5 miles of outskirts during the summers in this desert state city.

Special Duty Officer, ITU, Kota, RD Meena asserted that “Kota’s coaching stimulates Kota’s economy and that students and their parents visiting Kota are ambassadors of tourism. Therefore, when these new development projects are developed in Kota, Kota will be known as a tourist destination.

He said 80 percent of the city’s park work has been completed and the park is expected to be ready by April-May this year.

Famous architect, Anoop Bartaria designed the City Park. Bartaria informed that since a large number of coaching students arrive in Kota, the central park has been designed in such a way as to provide relief to the students as well.

Allen Career Institute Director Naveen Maheshwari said there is no large park or recreational facilities for students in the training center, so City Park will not only develop recreational facilities for students. students, but will also promote ecotourism in the city.

Since the city park is located in the city’s coaches area, students also seem excited about the under-built city park. Coaching student Madhavi Sharma said: “We are looking forward to the end of the city park so that we can visit it and have fun.”

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Posted on: Sunday January 02, 2022 9:25 PM IST


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