Report: Tim Cook called on Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress to warn about antitrust legislation [U]


Update June 24, 2021: Nancy Pelosi has now confirmed that she spoke on the phone with Apple CEO Tim Cook, but has not shared many details. According to Leah Nylen from politics, Pelosi told Cook, “If you have a substantive concern, bring it up while Congress is running smoothly.”

A new report from The New York Times Details today that Apple CEO Tim Cook has personally reached out to President Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress to voice concerns about impending antitrust legislation. According to the report, Cook personally called President Pelosi in the days following the introduction of antitrust legislation targeting big tech earlier this month.

Speaking to Pelosi, Cook expressed concern that antitrust bills were “rushed” and “would stifle innovation,” according to the report.

Antitrust bills have been rushed, he said. They would hold back innovation. And they would hurt consumers by disrupting the services that power Apple’s lucrative iPhone, Cook warned at various times, according to five people with knowledge of the conversations.

Pelosi reportedly brushed aside Cook’s concerns about the legislation, including denying his request that the House Judiciary Committee delay the bill review process. She also urged Cook to “identify specific political objections to the measures.”

In addition to his phone calls with President Pelosi, Cook is also said to have spoken with “other members of Congress to warn” about the effects of such harsh antitrust legislation. The details of who he spoke to, however, are unclear.

Apple is also working with lobby groups to oppose impending antitrust legislation:

Morgan Reed, president of the App Association, a business organization sponsored by Apple and other tech and telecommunications companies, said Tuesday in a letter to lawmakers that the dismantling of platforms and “limiting the services they can providing our member companies would harm constituents.

Lawmakers introduced five bills targeting Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google last week. Among other things, the legislation would significantly affect the App Store and impact Apple’s ability to pre-install apps on iPhones. The goal, according to Democratic Representative David Cicillin, would be to ensure that companies like Apple “do not use their market dominance to promote their own products and services.”

You can read the full report at The New York Times website.

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