Orissa HC paves way for married girls to get employment on compassionate ground


To cut: In a landmark judgment, the Orissa High Court on Saturday observed that married daughter is also entitled to compassionate appointment like her unmarried siblings.

The judgment paved the way for a married woman to get a job if her father dies during the period of service. Compassionate appointment was previously reserved for the unmarried son and daughter.

The court’s decision was a respite for many who were struggling for employment on compassionate grounds.

The court observed that the obstacle in the rules of the government to the appointment of a married girl is not acceptable according to the constitution. The government’s move amounts to a monopolistic approach and violates Articles 14, 15 and 16(A) of the Indian constitution, the court said.

The sighting came during the hearing of a petition filed by a Basanti Nayak who had applied for a job on humanitarian grounds after the death of her father.

Upon hearing the petition, Judge Sanjeev Kumar Panigrahi repealed government rules that prohibited the appointment of compassionately married women.

Judge Panigrahi also ordered the government to take urgent steps to name the petitioner at the earliest.

Basanti had applied for a job after the death of her father, a teacher, in 2001. She was also on the list of candidates deserving of a humanitarian appointment published by the Directorate of Secondary Education.
However, her application was later rejected by the school inspector citing her as a married candidate.


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