Logan Diggs Has A Role Model As A Rookie


He is not yet an authority on the matter, and not (yet) even a team captain, but when Not Dame sophomore tight end Michel mayer goes out to talk to the media, he usually has something important to say.

Frankly, it must be added.

Last Saturday, following a 55-0 win over Georgia Tech, Mayer offered a stark contrast in his assessment of offense to when he last spoke after the game – the still stinging 24-13 loss. against Cincinnati.

“I think we’ve definitely found our identity,” Mayer said. “(Jack) Coan threw the ball well. Kyren (Williams) handled the ball very well. We now have Diggs as RB2 playing very well. Our attack is really coming together.

Diggs, as in Logan. The hurdler. The touchdown scorer. The first down maker. And maybe the difference between winning and losing against a quality foe when the Irish finally face one around New Years.

Logan diggs has produced six gains of at least 20 yards since entering the roster against Virginia Tech in Game 6. He has 13 first downs to his name in that span, and Saturday against the Rambling Wreck, Diggs scored both via the onscreen pass (20 yards) and the rush ().

But what everyone especially wants to know is this obstacle in Charlottesville.

“Once I come around the corner going up the sideline – the game before it goes down and cuts me off,” said Diggs. “He (Virginia defenseman) wasn’t running towards me, and he wasn’t moving, so my first instinct was, ‘He’s going to go down, he’s going to play me high and low.’

“Then it didn’t come down, so I just jumped really high.”

Diggs added of the highlights special: “Actually, I’m kinda fed up with seeing it. But it’s all about love, so I appreciate it.


More love, however, is reserved for his mentor Williams, the rage-filled runner and team captain for whom Diggs credits his early assimilation into varsity play.

“Seeing his habits have rubbed off on me,” Diggs proposed. “I would say Kyren is probably the reason I am comfortable doing what I do. He took me under his wing throughout the camp. Weights and workouts. They associated me with him in everything. They wanted his habits to rub off on me.

“The way Kyren approaches the game is unlike anything I have ever seen. His state of mind is very strong, he is very confident. It rubs off on me and all over our room, ”added Diggs. “We all have this mentality that the first (tackle) is not going to attack us. That we are the best in the field when we are in the field.

Williams also sees something special in his understudy.

“I think that’s his IQ of the game and how much he watches over the other ‘backs’ said Williams of Diggs’ unique patience with most rookies.“ I feel like he’s taking a lot. different things from a lot of back he looks at and incorporates them into his game. His patience is up there with the best of them. He’s super patient, he’s going to hit the hole when it’s there and he has a physical mindset with him that not everyone has.

When asked when he first noticed Diggs was different, Williams didn’t hesitate.

“It was at fall camp. He was just making constant plays, ”Williams offered. “He took the outside area to the cradle all the time. It wasn’t just once. I feel like he’s really locked up and been trying to perform for a long time.

Diggs said his patient style is exactly the way he plays football. This is his natural approach.

“I’ve been told since high school that I’m patient,” Diggs said. “But it’s really just me playing football.

Irish coach Brian kelly noted after the game that his emerging youth had played a key role in improving the squad from an “ugly” 5-1 start.

“This whole team was made up of young players merging with veteran players, and how that really made this season a special one, because it doesn’t normally happen,” said Kelly.

“Sometimes it’s not easy when younger players are put in the mix, so to speak, with veteran players. We have a group of younger players in our locker room who are selfless, that model of what our upper class students do, ”Kelly continued. “They are not resistant to the standards that we have in our program, so they follow them, but they also have confidence in their own abilities. They don’t just wander around and blindly follow. It’s a very good mix and a very good mix.

“I’ve had teams where we haven’t had this great mix of young players and veteran players,” he added. “I know it sounds like it’s talking about things that don’t interest you, but the atmosphere of this football team is what it is because of young players who let themselves be guided by our veteran players from in a way it has grown as a football team. That’s the real story here. “

For Diggs, the story has absorbed everything Kelly and the offensive staff preach.

“What I’ve mainly learned is your practice habits and (being responsible) for everything – off the pitch, on the pitch. They preach our traits all the time, ”Diggs said. “They stick to the back of my head and keep my head cool.

Balance if not always grounded. Diggs has more defenders to jump in, after all.


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