Incapital and KKM Financial launch Incapital Najarian Heat


CHICAGO, June 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Incapital LLC and KKM Financial today announced the launch of a new 15-month unit investment fund portfolio based on a proprietary algorithm, the Heat Seeker®, developed by Jon and Pete Najarian. The Incapital Najarian Heat Seeker Portfolio aims to provide capital appreciation through common equity. At the heart of KKM Financial’s stock selection process is the Heat Seeker methodology, which seeks to identify unusual long-term trading activity that may illuminate the imprints of long-term equity positions taken by large institutional investors.

Commenting on the portfolio launch, Hugh McHaffie, Managing Director of Incapital Wealth Management Solutions, said: “Incapital is delighted to employ the investment expertise of KKM Financial within the Incapital Najarian Heat Seeker portfolio. that the algorithm is trying to identify should position this portfolio to capitalize on companies whose business models and overall market position reinforce their competitive advantages.”

“We are thrilled to have a leading distribution partner like Incapital be the first to introduce the innovative Heat Seeker methodology and investment expertise of Jon and Pete Najarian to advisors and their clients,” said Jeff Kilburg, Founder and CEO of KKM. Financial. “Incapital’s reputable platform and nationwide wholesale network provides us with a unique solution.”

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