Google’s anti-competitive tactics face DOJ ire for allegedly paying to make its search engines default


Google is seeing another massive case against its company for an alleged anti-competitive tactic it presented to different tech companies, with the Mountain View giant paying platforms to make its search engine the default.

The United States Department of Justice has accused Google of monopolistic behavior to keep its search engine a default service across different platforms, with users not noticing what happens in the process.

Google: Anti-Competitive Tactics on Default Search Engines

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Google is a stellar and household name in the world of search engines, and most of what people try to find through the internet uses Google to scour the web for results and information. However, what the public doesn’t know is that the company would pay different companies and tech entities to maintain its dominance.

According to a Bloomberg report, the Justice Department recently accused Google of its massive sway over making its search engine the default service for everyone. DOJ attorney Kenneth Dintzer raised the issue during a hearing in Washington, DC, saying the company was paying smartphone makers and network carriers to remain the default search engine for everyone.

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DOJ slams Google for monopolistic behavior

According to Judge Amit Mehta (via Android Central), Google is “investing millions in default” and the company makes a profit on it because people wouldn’t change it on their devices. Additionally, Judge Mehta said that “flaws matter a lot” and the company buys that from huge tech companies that put it on top.

Apple, Samsung and Motorola are among those seeing payments from Google to make its search engine the default technology for its search.

Google Antitrust Complaints

Google is massive on antitrust complaints from different regulatory agencies and commissions, with lawmakers and other entities raising grievances with the company for anti-competitive behavior. One of the most notable cases against Google is the Play Store’s 30% commission on every purchase on the platform or in-app.

Search results also faced a significant problem from the company, as the German antitrust investigation against Google blamed the Mountain View giant for its tactics among users of the service. Google offered to remove its News Showcase from search results during the hearing of the case, hoping to resolve its licensing issue in the country.

Different aspects of Google in many countries are facing antitrust lawsuits from high-profile entities accusing the company of monopolistic tactics with its business.

Monopolistic behavior is a massive dispute between the consumer market and today’s tech industry, as it hampers the growth of other companies trying to make their mark. Google’s company is massive and it derives significant profits from its operations, with its search engine currently being a default system for many users and platforms.

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