GameStop Stock: Redditors Decode Ryan Cohen’s Tweets


Ryan Cohen is one of the biggest personalities behind the GameStop (EMG) – Get GameStop Corp Class A report. stock meme saga. The company’s largest shareholder, Cohen’s activism virtually took over GameStop and even rose to the position of chairman of the board. He continues to play a crucial role as an influencer for retail investors and GameStop shareholders.

Cohen is a frequent Twitter user. His tweets, sometimes seeming to take the form of riddles, often attract the attention of Redditors, who seek to decode his messages.

Figure 1: GameStop Stock: Redditors Decode Ryan Cohen’s Tweets

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Ryan Cohen tweet history

GameStop’s chairman and major shareholder certainly has a unique online presence. His pleasant and irreverent tone sets him apart, especially since CEOs generally adopt a more reserved demeanor.

Many of Cohen’s tweets are causing heated discussions and causing great excitement on major retail investment forums on Reddit. As can be seen in this tweet from last November, he often serves as a cheerleader for GME stocks.

Some of Cohen’s tweets directly mention short sellers and possible short cuts.

During GME’s meme journey, some of Cohen’s tweets containing possible “subliminal” messages have drawn particular attention.

Last February, for example, Cohen tweeted “God Bless GMerica” ​​alongside a pirate flag. He may have been referring to its “hostile” takeover by activist GameStop investors. Cohen then orchestrated a similar takeover of Bed Bath & Beyond.

Cohen’s “8th Booster” tweet

One of Ryan Cohen’s most recent tweets referenced the COVID-19 vaccine. However, knowing the enigmatic nature of Mr. Cohen’s tweets, many Redditors and GameStop shareholders believe that this post may contain hidden meaning.

Got my 8th booster and now I’m fully vaccinated and 2 inches taller

Speculation – some serious, some less so – has multiplied in all directions. Over on GameStop stock’s main Reddit forum, r/superstonk, some interesting theories have surfaced. Below is one user’s bullish interpretation of Cohen’s message.

Figure 2: Reddit forum r/superstonk.

Figure 2: The Reddit forum r/superstonk.

Others have acknowledged the possibility that Cohen was referring to Form N-8B-2, which is a registration statement for unit investment trusts that currently issue securities.

According to Investopedia’s definition, a unit investment trust (UIT) is “a U.S. financial corporation that purchases or holds a group of securities, such as stocks or bonds, and makes them available to investors in the form of reimbursable units”.

While all of this speculation may well be far from the truth, we must, at the very least, acknowledge the incredible ability of some Redditors to develop creative interpretations of Cohen’s puzzling tweets. Meme investors are ready to look for needles in a haystack.
GameStop shareholders will continue to dig into the finer details of any GameStop-related event. At this point Ryan Cohen, a “monkey” icon, showed influence similar to what Elon Musk had on crypto and You’re here (TSLA) – Get the Tesla Inc report shares.

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