First Trust, partner of Chaikin Analytics on a new offer


Chaikin Analytics is collaborating with First Trust Portfolios on a new investment product, allowing fund managers and their clients to invest in a portfolio of stocks based on the Chaikin Power Gauge rating.

The product, First Trust’s Chaikin Low Beta Growth Portfolio Unit Investment Trust (UIT), Series 1, will leverage Chaikin’s simple rules-based methodology by rating S&P 500 companies with an underlying Chaikin Power Gauge rating of ” bullish” or “very bullish”. ‘ and three-year average betas in the bottom five deciles.

Chaikin helped First Trust screen ITU stocks by identifying 20 large-cap companies using factor screens designed to identify low-beta stocks with a bullish underlying Chaikin Power Gauge rating where earnings are reinvested in society. The analyzes use a 20-factor quantamental model (quantitative and fundamental hybrid) that incorporates value, earnings, expert opinion and technical factors to produce a rating for 5,000 US-listed stocks.

The UIT, which is available to investors through brokers nationwide, allows investors to hold the portfolio for 15 months, thereby receiving favorable long-term capital appreciation treatment.

“This new UIT launched by First Trust Portfolios demonstrates the effectiveness and uniqueness of Chaikin’s technology-driven approach to stock analysis,” said CEO Marc Chaikin. “We are delighted to partner with such a respected and innovative company as First Trust, to offer financial advisors and their clients a new way to benefit from long-term investment vehicles traditionally reserved for institutional firms.

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